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Quotes I jumped into the Check Your 6 Jet Age game head first, and the INCREDIBLE accessories from Fight's On!, help make my games even more visually stunning. I'm so grateful to Rob & Sandy for their valuable feedback, insight, and encouragement while I pursued this hobby. The Check Your 6 game combines my three passions: jet aviation history, war gaming, and model building. I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a miniature war game. Thanks so much, guys! Check out how great the Fight's On! accessories can enhance a game: http://imgur.com/a/36MOv Quotes
Andy Roy
hardcore miniature wargamer & model builder

Quotes I use the Fight's On! products in all my games! The airfields are really the best I have ever seen - they are absolutely perfect and I plan to use them in all my games. Thanks guys! Quotes
Scott Fisher
SkirmishCampaigns - Publisher of Check Your 6! Rules

Quotes The products from Fight's On! are amazing. I have used them in my personal gaming and have had no end of fun with them. And now the Fight's On! team have gone the extra mile and helped complete a project to send gaming gear to some of our troops deployed overseas. This will really help the moral of our brave military over in the "sandbox". A big thank you in supporting our troops while they continue to protect our freedom and freedom through out the world. Chris Arnold Games for Troops Quotes
Chris Arnold
Project Coordinator - Games For Troops

Quotes Fights On products really make the table look great. The missiles really make for a stunning game. An example of the game with missiles and it enhances the table. http://www.flickr.com/photos/33016873@N06/5403381394/sizes/z/in/photostream/ Mike Quotes
Michael Graham
Mr. and Father of two

Quotes The Fight's On team have offered excellent customer service through all my dealings with them, backing up an excellent product line. Always happy to explore new ideas and suggestions. A model for others to follow Quotes
Simon Tyler
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Realistic, scaled targets make the game more fun, and these guys provide plenty of things to bomb, strafe, missile, or kamikaze into! Quotes
Alvin Gunkel
CY6! Test Dummy

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