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May 31, 2014

Fight's On! just completed a commissioned project that was a retirement gift for a defense analyst.  I had so much fun planning and building this project, I'd love to do it again.  Anyone who would like to give a unique gift to a military or aviation enthusiast,consider contacting us to design and make a proposal for something really special and unique.  It beats a pen holder set anyday!

 Look for it under a new heading Custom Projects.


March 15, 2014

Fight's On! featured on X-Wing miniatures forums post by a customer who built his own Death Star.


August 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Fight's On! featured in Wargames Illustrated magazine

See Article on page 106 of issue #306, April 2013 

March 16, 2013

One of our customers, Mark Wukas, commissioned the 3" RAF Kenley and Chain Home Radar products, and was good enough to send us some great photos of a Stuka attack on the Chain Home.  I have posted them here for broad enjoyment.  Look for Mark to run Battle of Britain games using this terrain at Little Wars and Origins this spring and summer.

March 13, 2013

Fight's On! is celebrating Spring Break.  Sandy has produced two great 3" hex terrain targets based on customer request for Battle of Britain terrain.  Check out RAF Kenley and the Chain Home Radar site Pinger and Receiver pieces, they are simply gorgeous.

Look for more new things to come as we approach Summer.

January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!  With the new year come new things.  We have really gotten into the new X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.  Take a look at the new product category SPACE JUNK to see some of the stuff we've been using for space combat games lately.  Sandy has been developing the 3" terrain product line and we're discussing some new SPACE JUNK products for release this year.

Cadillac of the Sky flight stands were released last Fall.  The home page photo has been updated to feature these new 3D magnetic flight stands in use during an engagement.  Look for them in the flight stands product category.

As we close the books on 2012, we are happy to report that we made donations to Wounded Warrior, Help for Heroes, Combat Stress, and the Battleship USS Texas Foundation.  Thank you to all our customers who helped make these donations to worthy causes possible.

May 16th, 2012

Lots of new items added today! 

We received our custom Vietnam War D6s from England and they look great. 

In addition, we added dug in infantry positions for any needed troop concentrations.  They are dug in with some of the boys hunkering down and some standing post. 

We have also updated our Pacific Airfield to 1.5" status as well.  It is a slightly different design than the 2".

Our 2" Suez is being reworked to be more gamer friendly in a 3/3/3 and 3/2/1 format to complement the 1.5" Suez and will be available within a week.

We have sculpted a Suez pontoon bridge crossing in both 1.5" and 2".

After customer requests, we have a second color for our radar lock markers. They are now also available in white with red letters.

An artillery position/battery is being sculpted as we speak.

We have launched our 3" hex line with a four 3" hex airfield based on RAF Kenley from the Battle of Britain.  Look for Dover radar towers in the near future!

May 6, 2012

We just added a new customer-requested item to the catalog, a Radar Site.  This piece is useful for Air Search or Early Warning radar sites found all over the world since the 1950s.  In addition, the Muses were at work in the design studies and current events in the Persian/Arabian Gulf inspired the new Offshore Oil Rig.  Oil rigs were the scene of a lot of action during Operation Preying Mantis in the late 1980s and are a potential naval objective in any air or sea game.

More new things are coming to Fight's On! this summer.  We expect to have a re-order of the Arab/Israeli dice and will be featuring another Jet Age conflict in a new set of dice in the very near future.  

March 18, 2012

It's been too long since we released a new product.  The long awaited railroad pieces will not disappoint.  Sandy came up with the matching river pieces as an additional new product bonus.  I really like the railroad/river bridge hex that he designed that merges the two sets together.  Makes a nice bombing point objective for games from WWII to Vietnam.  

We really enjoy hearing from customers who enjoy their Fight's On! products and terrain and send us photos of their games.  Keep 'em coming!

 The design shops at Fight's On! will continue to produce new items as real-life allows.

July 1, 2011

Fight's On! at Historicon 2011

The Fight's On! team will be at Historicon this year and would love to meet our customers.  Stop by game # F-580 - CY6! Jet Age - Arab Israeli: Back to Iraq, 7 June 1967 on Friday morning at 1000 to meet Rob or play CY6!.  He will have lots of FO products on the table, including some sneak-peak prototype items not yet available for sale.  Sandy will arrive Friday evening and be around through Sunday.  Say hello if you run into us in Valley Forge.

New this week on our website is the CY6! Status Markers.  These are inspired by the various states that aircraft are in during the game.  Our playtesting revealed the importance of marking special maneuvers or extreme turns to limit missile shots, and the Out of Ammo status (known in the fighter pilot community as 'Winchester').

June 11, 2011

New products for the Summer!  Gaming dice, status markers, radar lock markers, and flight stand items are all new for the Summer on the Products Page.  The gaming dice are  in support of the new scenario book Star and Pyramid soon to be released by Scott Fisher for Check Your 6! - Jet Age.  The dice feature Israeli and Egyptian '66-'69 roundels on the "6" spot.  In our Flight Stand area, we have released the Yank and Bank pack to help make your games more realistic allowing for pitch & roll positioning of your planes.  Our true 3D flight stands are in the final development stage and should be out soon.  You can see them in the Yank and Bank pack.  More 1.5" releases in the future and I promise the railway stuff will be out soon in both 2" and 1.5".

April 20, 2011

Sandy had a rare eureka moment and figured out how to make the 1.5" City hexes.  Stay tuned for further expansion of our 1.5" product line.  We've had a lot of requests to do this and we finally figured it out. 

April 9, 2011

Springtime in Texas is when we are all happy to live here.  I've been spending a lot of 2011 away in Halifax, Canada while Sandy flies around in freshly inspected airplanes.  Despite these absences, The Fight's On! R&D center has released the new Large Airfield Complex product in both 1.5" & 2" sizes.  This 6 hex sized airfield was created to support the soon to be published CY6!-Jet Age scenario book Star & Pyramid, focusing on Egypt & Israel featuring several airfield attack scenarios with a target of this specific size.  

The large airfield complex can be anything from WWII through modern or even near-future Sci-Fi.  The scale is perfect terrain for micro-armor or air combat games. 

In other news, the railroads are moving up the production line.  I hear some of the masters have become molds, an important step.  Look for the railroads soon.  There are some other interesting products in the works.  Stay tuned, Historicon is coming soon.

February 4, 2011

In the middle of an arctic storm, we have some time to add new products.  First up is our Clouds product in both 1.5" and 2" hex sizes.  These can be used for air combat or naval games to represent clouds or fog banks.  Air combat with concealing terrain is rarely done, and really brings out some interesting situations.  We've even used clouds in our Aeronef/VSF games of 19th century flying craft.  Next up is a 2-hex airfield to represent jungle or desert improvised airfields with quonset huts and less-than-permanent facilities.  These could easily be an airfield on the frontier in the Sinai, or Rendova Island.

 We've been asked about the Railroad products.  They should be out soon.  I made the masters and Sandy is finishing up some detailing and then needs to make the molds.  We'll make an announcement

January 11, 2011

Happy New Years!  Our first new release of the year is a Sun Edge Marker for air combat games.  The prototype for this product was playtested at Millennium Con in Round Rock, TX last Fall and the players really liked it.  In many air combat games, it's important to know where the sun is because aircraft that are up sun have the advantage in spotting and extra defense against Infra-red missiles.  The old maxim "Beware the Hun in the Sun" was no joke.  This product makes it easy to show which board edge or corner is the limit of the sun's bright effects.  

Our workshop has several projects in flight.  The WWII airfield is something I'm really excited about.  The City pack was augmented with a 3-hex piece to match.

Here's to a good year of gaming in 2011!

December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays from Fight's On!  Our final releases before the end of 2010 are a 4-hex sized City (2" hex only) and the much anticipated 1/600 Downed Pilot.  

 The City is a product that I worked on during several NFL games, cutting hundreds of small pieces of styrene and assembling on the master in a pattern taken from an aerial view of Tel Aviv from 5000' altitude (thanks Google Earth).   This can be useful for any urban environment area target or general scenery to denote civilization on a game table.

 The 1/600 downed pilot is similar to our 1/300 scale product and designed with a smaller pilot and parachute for the scale.

 Have a Happy Holiday end of 2010 and we'll have some exciting new releases in 2011.  One is already available for preview on the site...

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Fight's On!  We will be at Millennium Con in Austin TX on Nov. 12-14 running a missile boat game and Check Your Six! Jet Age game featuring lots of Fight's On! products and terrain.  All players will receive prizes from Fight's On!.  www.millenniumcon.com for more information.

Our products will be for sale at Millennium from our stockist Great Hall Games of Austin TX.  www.greathallminis.com

This month's new product is naval mines.  These are great markers for naval mine fields, resin cast on 1" diameter circular markers.  Look for them under naval products on our site.

Clouds and other new releases are planned for later in November.

September 26, 2010

The busy summer is over and Fight's On! has some exciting releases scheduled for this Fall.  First up is the new hills and islands pack.  This pack can be used for ridges or mountains in air combat games, and doubles as islands with a different paint scheme.  

 Check back soon for the clouds and railroads product releases.  Also headed for a near-term release is a new naval gaming product. 

Team Fight's On! will be at Millennium Con in Austin Texas this November 12-14.  www.millenniumcon.com for more information  We'll be running two games with prize support from Fight's On!  Hope to see you there!

August 8, 2010

It's been a short summer at Fight's On!  The release of CY6-Jets in July and more product development has kept us busy.  The airfield and nuclear plant hexes are done and in limited production to some of our retailers and custom orders.  We still want to offer a target pack where these and other strategic target markers can be selected in a five-pack of any assortment.  The masters for the road and railroad packs are done.  I made sure that the road and railroads are compatible so a network of road and railroad crossings can be laid out.  Railroad includes switches to a second line, and a marshaling yard (just waiting to be bombed).  Road pack features two line highway and single lane roads w/ an overpass that could be hiding SCUD launchers in certain scenarios.

Look for these products soon as the molds are made and we bring them into production.  We've gotten lots of good comments on other ideas and hope to get to all of them soon.

July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!  Fight's On! production and shipping departments will be taking a few days due to the holiday.  The research & development division has been hard at work and finished the masters for the single-lane road, divided highway, and highway overpass pieces in 2" hexes (useful for SCUD-hunt missions).  This and the railroad set will be our new releases later this summer.  Check back later or watch for announcements on The Miniatures Page.

Fight's On! at Historicon!

If you are lucky enough to attend Historicon in Valley Forge, PA on July 8-11, drop by I-94 Enterprises and see Dave Winfree at Booth 43, next to Belle and Blade in the main dealer hall!  Dave has the full range of Fight's On! products for sale, and some painted samples of how these pieces look on the game table.

May 24. 2010

Electric Power Plant and Electric Power Line Booster Pack are now online and available for purchase.

May 11, 2010

The oil refinery and Suez Canal resin pieces are finally on line.  There are some bugs we still need to work out regarding the electrical facility but that should be available soon.  Rob has completed a one 2" hex modern airfield which should work for all scales. 

April 14, 2010

Rob has finished the new electrical plant, refinery, pumping station, and Suez Canal models and they are gorgeous.  They should be up on the web as soon as I get some painted, but I know you will like them.  He works in the oil and gas industry, so these layouts come from actual field experience.

April 1st, 2010 

The new electrical facility and canal target/ terrain pieces are headed for molding and should soon be ready to pour.

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