We started Fight's On! in 2010 to provide quality wargaming products that could be used across a variety of gaming genres.  Our goal was to take the pre-game hassle and preparation out of the way so as to allow gamers like ourselves to just play and enjoy the hobby.

We feature both pre-painted and unpainted products in a variety of materials.

Our resin items are specifically designed  so that playing pieces will not fall over when set on them.

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The Fight's On! Team



Fight's On! is literally a garage business started by two wargamers in Houston, Texas.  Inspired by some of their gaming buddies to avoid using any counters or non-miniature markers of any kind in an effort to produce great looking games, the Fights On! guys began to scratch-build terrain and other markers to enhance their air combat and naval wargames.  For us, eye candy and ease of play make a huge difference.

After running some games with our markers at several conventions, players and spectators were remarking "How can I get some of those?".  After a slow to launch start, the Fights On! team came together and is now offering our eye-candy for sale.  We hope you like it!

Who we are...

Currently, Fight's On! is a pair of history buffs and professionals whose hobby is wargaming. 

Rob works in the oil and gas industry and has been a life-long naval and aviation enthusiast.  He got into gaming to follow that passion. 

Sandy is an airline pilot and former USMC F/A-18A pilot...very possibly the one in the photo above.  He has always loved military history and found wargaming as an extension of that interest.

Where does "Fight's On!" come from?

Before each practice air-to-air engagement, both sides would broadcast "Fight's On!" to alert the other side of their intentions to begin the fight.  We thought that would be appropriate!  In addition, it is the motto of VMFA-312 "The Checkerboards", a Marine F/A-18 Hornet squadron with a long and proud history.  This is the squadron featured in the motion picture "The Great Santini".

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