01-JAN-1945 Dogfight over Asch

01-JAN-1945 Dogfight over Asch


As part of Operation Bodenplatte, JG 11 was assigned to attack the primitive airfield near Asch, very near the front. JG 11 formed up over Frankfurt and flew on to the target area. The formation of over 60 fighters lost some to Allied AAA and was further reduced when part of the formation mistook Y-32 at Ophoven and
attacked that airfield instead. JG 11’s misfortune continued as they ran into Thunderbolts of the 390th Fighter Squadron outbound on a ground support mission. The P-51’s of the 487th Fighter Squadron
were just preparing to take off on their morning patrol when they saw the fight erupt between JG 11 and 390th FS. The Mustang pilots raced for the runway and were just getting airborne when the first
elements of JG11 reached Y-29.

  • Scenario by Brian Cantwell

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