Cadillac of the Sky Flight Stands

Cadillac of the Sky Flight Stands


Cadillac of the Sky flight stands are designed to indicate airspeed and altitude in a simple 3D magnetic system.  The large 1.5" hex stand supports a column of magnets up to 12 flight levels in height!  Airspeed is set by a single dial on the base in easy-to-read black&white markings, authentically reproduced from the airspeed indicator on the original Cadillac of the Sky , the P-51 Mustang.  Changing altitude levels on magnetically based aircraft models is literally a snap as the various magnets will jump from your hand into place during game-play.  With optional Yank & Bank adaptor set, pitch, bank, and roll can also be indicated.  Each set includes four flight stands, enough magnets to indicate 12 flight levels per stand, and speed indicator needles for each stand.

The altitude magnets included in each pack are 1/8" diameter cylinder magnets in the following lengths: x4 2" L,  x8 3/8" L, x8 3/4" L

Each aircraft needs x5 magnets to make 12 combinations of altitude levels. Two 3/8", two 3/4", and a single 2" length make all the combinations of 12 altitude levels needed for a game of Check Your Six or other air combat rules.

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