Maneuver / Status Markers for Check Your Six!

Maneuver / Status Markers for Check Your Six!


These markers can be used to indicate maneuvers and status of aircraft in air combat games such as Check Your Six!-Classic and Check Your Six!-Jet Age . Each set includes three extreme turn/special maneuver markers, three out of ammunition markers (Winchester), and one each blacked-out pilot, stall, and out of control markers. Use these markers during games to indicate status and apply key rules; such as Lx turns and missile firing after extreme turns (a personal favorite and curse). Symbology on the markers include universally recognizable icons from fighter pilot debriefs, ammunition suppliers, flight manuals, and air combat rules.

Available as Red markers w/ White text only


These are high quality, two color plastic and are laser engraved.

Color: Red markers w/ White text