Operation Gun

Operation Gun


Allied attempts to interdict German sea communications along Italy’s west coast proved to be difficult.
The Germans made extensive use of minefields to prevent destroyers and larger ships from getting
involved and Allied coastal forces, made up of British MGBs/ MTBs and American PTs, often didn’t have
the firepower needed to sink the shallow-draft barges that made up many of the convoys.
Allied coastal forces tried several different tactics to stop the convoys; the most successful was
Operation Gun where a combined American/British force made several successful attacks on German
convoys. Operation Gun used American PT boats, with their superior radar, to detect the convoys and
escorts. Then British LCGs, landing craft fitted with two 4.7” guns, which would engage the convoys with
gunfire directed by the PT boat’s radar. Finally, a group of British MGBs/MTBs was used to prevent
enemy escorts from interfering with the gun attacks and even drive them away from the convoy.


Ship Data sheets and stats provided for Action Stations rules by David Manley.  Available from Wargames Vault at http://www.wargamevault.com/product/130695/Action-Stations-4th-Edition

  • Scenario by Dave Schueler

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