Raven One Campaign

Raven One Campaign


From the pages of Raven One by Kevin Millerthis Check Your 6! Jet Age (CY6-JA) campaign is set in the Middle East circa 2008.  The book and campaign follow the experience of Carrier Air Wing 4 aboard the USS Valley Forge during a period of conflict with Iran.  Eleven scenarios follow the progress of Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-64 Ravens and other embarked elements of USMC and USN aviation during the conflict.  The campaign includes CY6-JA aircraft statistics for new aircraft and air-to-air, surface-to-air, and air-to-surface weapons.  Night operations are featured in six of the scenarios and require campaign specific rules for night air combat which were reviewed and vetted with veteran USMC and USN aviators with this experience.  Scenario specific rules and pilot call-signs are both entertaining and special recognitions to Fight's On! customers and friends.

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