Sun Edge Marker (3" hex size) for CY6! air combat rules


Beware the Hun in the Sun!  Many air combat rule sets call for sun hexes or sun direction. This can be hard to conceptualize for players as to what is 'up sun'. TheCheck Your 6! Classic air combat rule C4.2 OUT OF THE SUN Check Your 6! - JET AGE rule B4.6 UP-SUN detail the need for twelve hexes on a sun board edge or corner. This pack of Sun Edge Markers features six (6) double-hex pieces available in 3" edge-to-edge sizes to delineate sun effect on the edge or corner of the hex-mat. These hexes are made of orange color stiff felt and have been dry-brushed sun yellow making them table ready for gaming.

Mirage F1 and ruler not included.

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