Thai Nguyen Steelworks

Thai Nguyen Steelworks


The steelworks at Thai Nguyen was a strategic target in North Vietnam, producing 40% of domestic steel.  The USAF's first attack on the steelworks was on March 10, 1967 in a large strike of F-105s and F-4s from bases in Thailand.  Only 35 miles north of Hanoi, the Thai Nguyen steelworks was heavily defended by 96 AAA sites, SA-2 missiles and MiG-21s from the nearby Phuc Yen airbase.  The first raid resulted in amazing stories of courage in the air and a Congressional Medal of Honor for Capt. Merlyn Dethlefsen, F-105F pilot.  Read his story.


This 3D model of an important strategic target is suitable for any industrial target from the mid-20th century through today.  The railroads on the target pieces are designed to match the Fight's On! railroad product items.


Available in 1.5", 2", and 3" hex sizes. 


Product sold unpainted.