Wargames Illustrated #390 APR 2020

Wargames Illustrated #390 APR 2020


Magazine only. No extra bonus inserts or plastic sprues are included. Magazine is in Excellent condition.



OBSERVATION POSTA look at what’s new in the hobby, with a focus on neu releases at Tactica 2020.THEME: PLAYING THE LONG GAMEPete Brown offers some thoughts and ideas for using covert operatives during the course of your campaign.WWI PORTUGUESEMark Hargreaves takes on another challenge, creating Portuguese troops ready for service in Africa during the First World War.THEME: THE ASSASSINSStephen Tibble, author of Crusader Armies from Yale Press, draws us into the world of the Crusades, and introduces the sect which came to be known as the Assassins.PAINTING BLACK HAWK DOWNThe latest figure set from Giants in Miniature pays tribute to this pair ofDelta Force snipers made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down. ‘Demon Brush’ Ben Macintyre provides a step by step guide on how to get them colour ready for the tabletop.THEME: ORDINARY PEOPLE, EXTRAORDINARY SPIESHaving been enthused by reading a collection of World War Two spy books, Dom Sore recounts some of the exploits of various spy agencies and commando forces featured in their pages and goes on to suggest how they could be re-created on the tabletop.DESIGNER’S NOTES: IN DEO VERITASPhilip Garton, author of the first in a series of wargames rules from Helion Publishing, presents an insight into his fast play rules for exciting seventeenth century battles.FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: PUTTING THE MUSKETS AND TOMAHAWKS INTO MUSKETs AND TOMAHAWKSA brief guide to what’s out there for the 28mm gamer after some French and Indian War large scale skirmish action.COMPANY PROFILE: EMPRESS MINIATURESWe took a trip down to Oxfordshire and the home of Empress Miniatures to talk about the current ranges and future plans for this flourishing company.THEME: LISTEN VERY CAREFULLYPete Brown takes us on a journey to a different sort of ‘spy’ experience, with derring-do, subterfuge and ‘big boobies’.THEME: “MEET ME ON THE EDGE OF THE SOUK”Howard Whitehouse offers aid and assistance to those looking to add some spycraft to their games.RECREATING AN AIRFIX CLASSIC: THE PONTOON BRIDGEIn WI387 Swedish wargamer Jan Karman revealed his project to recreate the Airfix classic Gun Emplacement. Not satisfied with bringing one piece of modelling history back to life Jan returns to show us how he went on to create a 28mm model of another Airfix classic – The Pontoon Bridge.THEME: STRANGLERS IN THE NIGHTThe war against the Thugs in India 1820 – 1840. Nick Buxey takes a look.TACTICA 2020Editor Dan battles Storm Dennis to bring you the best from Hamburger Tactica.INFANTRY IN MAXIMILLIAN 1934Wayne Bollands has some thoughts on increasing the range of options for those who enjoy this ruleset and background to an alternate 1930s.

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